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Living in St. Louis Park, MN and surrounding areas, we accumulate nearly six feet of snow every winter. That adds up to a lot of shoveling and huge piles taking up lots of space. Select Mechanical Services offers an effective, convenient, and rewarding solution.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Snow Melt System Installation

We install snow melt systems to do the job for you. Totally concealed beneath driveways, walkways, steps, patios, and wherever you park or walk, the system automatically starts up in response to temperature drops and moisture. Operating silently and efficiently, the snow melt system ensures clear pavement. Family owned and operated, Select Mechanical Services focuses on convenient and efficient solutions to local weather.

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There’s no more plowing, blowing, or labor-intensive snow removal. You won’t sacrifice half your driveway to a mountain of snow, get wet feet, or worry about the injury or even lawsuits from slipping and falling on icy pavement. Plus, you avoid the expense and damage of harsh snowmelt chemicals. Simply contact Select Mechanical Services at (952) 926-4488 for further information, helpful recommendations, and a system designed specifically for your space, requirements, and expectations. Our team of professionals have the knowledge, training, and in-field experience to handle the start-to-finish job quickly and properly. From equipment to workmanship, Select Mechanical Services represents unmatched quality across St. Louis Park, Hopkins, and Edina, MN.

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